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As a struggling young single mother Rosa found herself in the most terrifying of situations, one day two people she had recently met showed up unannounced at her doorstep, forced their way into her apartment and quickly turned her life into a nightmare. These two individuals began forcing Rosa to engage in acts of prostitution, while they kept her young child hostage for payment. Terrified Rosa did as she was instructed and began a journey that only nightmares are made of. A few weeks into this horrible ordeal Rosa found the courage to break free and she managed to escape with her young child and find refuge at a local emergency shelter. Terrified and out of options she began to tell the staff what had happened and immediately BTC and the Fresno police departments trafficking task force was contacted. Together these two agencies worked quickly to rescue, relocate, and restore this young woman’s freedom. We are happy to announce that Rosa has successfully completed the first phase of a Confidential Trafficking program here nationally, and she is making enormous strides to find the stability she was so desperately seeking before her horrible ordeal. BTC has continued to come along side of Rosa throughout this entire process and has essentially become the supportive loving family that she needs. Rosa has allowed us to share her amazing journey with you, in hopes that this small glimpse into this horrific industry will motivate you to become a BTC pledge partner and stand with us so that together we can break the chains of human-trafficking!

Rosa's Story

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