10th Annual Promise Banquet

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Celebrating a decade of empowerment, your participation not only fortifies Breaking the Chains but also enhances its ability to stand alongside lives affected by human trafficking. As we commemorate our 10th-year milestone, we will focus the evening on the profound impact human trafficking has on the families and caregivers of victims.”

It is very important to us that we stress to you the importance of your involvement; we are simply the conduit of your love and generosity; you are the lifeline, and without you, none of this is possible. While you may not be able to offer direct care to those we serve, your presence at the banquet will bring validation, worth, and dignity to the lives of many survivors. Prioritize this event and join us for an elegant evening dedicated to making an impact, fostering community, and demonstrating an unwavering commitment to breaking the chains of human trafficking.”

Open Team Positions

Open Team Positions

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