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Who We Are

Our Agency

We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization located in California’s Central San Joaquin Valley. We work with local, state, and federal law-enforcement agencies to provide rescue, relocation, restorative, and residential services to female victims of human trafficking.

The BTC campus is a remarkable example of our community’s dedication to help juvenile and adult victims of human trafficking. BTC is equipped with a beautiful safe house that provides long term shelter to 6 survivors. In addition, we also have our newly opened trauma treatment center that is equipped with an executive office, reception area, counseling offices, a large class room/recreation area, childcare center, and a gym. This in combination with a stellar trauma informed curriculum and an army of volunteers, has allowed us to also offer trauma informed services on a daily basis to more than 27 survivors through our Non-Residential service program. In all we provide direct trauma informed services to 33 survivors and their family’s everyday. It has been amazing to see the vision that was launched just three years prior come to life in such a short period of time. Please know that community support has been, and continues to be essential to all that we do, and we believe that together we can break the chains of human trafficking in lives of these precious girls forever.

Our Founders
Debra Rush
Debra Rush
Co–Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Debra Rush is the Founder and CEO of Breaking the Chains. Her insight and experience into this daunting industry is the driving force behind Breaking the Chains’ founding. Debra, too, is a survivor of human trafficking. In 1999, she was rescued and taken to a confidential location, which isolated her from the region where she had been held captive. Unfortunately, at that time, no avenues, procedure were in place to expose human trafficking, and there were limited resources available to help her cope with the specific trauma she had endured. In 2008, after years of guilt and shame, she found the courage and strength to begin her healing journey. This spurred her quest to rescue women trapped in human trafficking and believe there is no way out. Debra, who has a degree in Human Services, works closely with the Fresno Police Department Trafficking Task Force. She is an alcohol and drug counselor and a national trauma expert. A proud alumnus of the Fresno Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Fresno Class XXXIII (33), Debra has gained notoriety as a passionate community leader. She humbly holds the title 2018 California State Woman of the Year and has just become a published author. Although she has accomplished much since her transformation, Debra’s most cherished achievement is being the proud wife of Mark Rush and the doting mother of seven beautiful children.

Tiffany Apodaca
Tiffany Apodaca
Co–Founder / Chief Operational Officer

Tiffany Apodaca is the Co-Founder and Chief Operational Officer for Breaking the Chains. Her passion stems from the subjection to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse that she experienced as a child – abuse that started at the young age of four and continued into her late teens. As a result of these assaults on her mind, soul, spirit, and innocence, Tiffany became drug dependent, homeless, and a flawed decision maker which led to her entering into one unhealthy relationship after another. Through divine providence, Tiffany received wise counsel, and now, speaks publicly about her journey, bringing hope and healing to women who, too, have been subjected to sexual abuse. Tiffany has a certificate through Courage World Wide International for CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children), which complements her Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Master’s Degree in Christian Leadership through Grand Canyon University. Tiffany Apodaca is the adoring wife of Tony Apodaca, and dedicated mom of five daughters and soon to be six grandchildren.

BTC Board of Directors

Curtis Chastain - Board President
Tiffany Apodaca - Board Treasurer
Sandra Carnahan - Board Secretary
Jerry Dyer - Fresno Chief of Police
Soyla Griffin - CEO, Valley Health Team
Pablo Dávalos - AOD Specialist & Counselor
Miiko Anderson - Fresno County District Attorney
Darius Assemi - Granville Homes
Debbie Doerksen - Founder / California Information Management
Don Eskes - Fresno Rescue Mission Consultant/Development Expert

Our Partners